What is SpellStack?

As fans and avid players of Magic: The Gathering game we wanted to create a toolset useful for any player, and one that you can access everywhere. Build (or import!) your card collection, use it to create new decks and access it on your mobile when you're trading cards in a field.


We've started with the Deck Builder - tool that we find most challenging to get right. We've released it so that you can try and tell us what you think.

In near future we're planning to add the following tools:

  • Collection Manager - so you can keep track of all cards you own. This will be tightly integrated with the Deck Builder so you have the option to see which cards you need to buy and which you own
  • Deck Browser - publish your deck ideas, browse other player's decks, share your thoughts and vote for the best deck to be covered on the home page!
  • Life Tracker - Use this website as a life tracker when playing with friends or on a tournament whether on a mobile, tablet, laptop or pip boy 2000
  • Trade Assistant - Trading cards? Make sure you're getting a good deal!
Anything else we should have in mind? Let us know!